Nudging - Moving Science to Application

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Moving Science Forward
to Application

Nudge.Systems is a dedicated effort towards promoting science to application in society. We support cross sectional activities combining multiple elements of

  • behavioral psychology,
  • cognitive neuroscience and
  • artificial neural networks together with
  • advanced communication, comprising analysis, diagnostics and language compression technologies.

As compeers of governmental and non governmental organizations NGOs, including fundraising activities, we also support the private sector in B2B and B2C efforts for public relations and communications (inside and outbound directed). In general, we develop, apply, improve and propagate strategies related to behavioral changes and put the results from these activities to action.

Nudge.Systems is an activity under the umbrella of The founder, Guenther A. Mohr, is an International Manager with more than 25 years active in the Life Science Industries.

We are operating from the Baltic Sea close to Heiligendamm, a known location with a great history. As a policy institute we offer to our worldwide clients, closed think tank events to develop novel approaches according to their needs. Experienced in the creation of highly advanced business models, we even strike to patent such models if meaningful. Think Tank learning is a favorite experience for your staff. Mind breaking and valuable ideas can be born without initial constraints.

Application Fields for Nudges / Choice Architectures and more.

  • Health and Health Care / Life SciencesHealth and Health Care related applications for novel forms of therapeutics, which integrate cure and clinical treatments in combination with post cure / clinical measures over a long time for large number of people.
  • Long term and sustainable Nudge Solutions and Nudging Technologies.Proposition of Nudge Solutions and Definition of Nudging Technologies including the evaluation of such measures under ethical and standards of sustainability, from definition, trial up to final execution.
  • Increase your Audience by Factor 3 to 5.Quantitative and multisensory Context Analysis and Development under the aspects of empathic pathways related to speeches, interviews, television, radio or print. We open up unknown or unrecognized communication possibilities with the ambitious objective for our client to be better than other communicators. These activities include novel approaches, software, algorithms and other analysis tools. Typically, your audience can be increased by three to five times.
  • Expect predictable Results of your Nudge Activities,Our instruments generate methods and solutions impacting results with a predictable outcome on statistical level.
  • Replace outdated governmental procedures by novel approaches.Generate novel business models and business methods for new fields. As an example, new ways for job seekers with fast track to the next job.
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Nudge Related Tactical Support

  • Community Projects, Environmental, Health, Health Care, Purpose related promotional Efforts, Fundraising, Behavioral Change, Mediation Projects
  • Project Layout and Roadmaps, Stakeholder Exercises
  • Think Tanks and Strategic Sessions and Training
  • Nudge Design / Choice Architecture
  • Patenting Nudges and related solutions and technologies / models
  • Organizational and person related skill building and performance increases
  • Isolations of favorable nudging pathways for building „The Nudge Button“ (TM)