Define Nudge - Projects with us.

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You together with us.

Innovation, creativity, execution power, reliability and quality are our major strength positions. System based thinking, pure logic, pure cognitive and deep analytical capabilities are assets you will not find everywhere.

Identifying new ways, new possibilities in convincing and convenient way – this is our passion.

We practice the next generation of nudge applications. As we understand it, this highly subtle and complex task is more than academic. Society expects solutions for happiness and friendly sustainability. Our Clients can expect a deep understanding of the underlaying factors, mechanics and rules. We offer very specific knowledge and know how, ready to be transferred to the public and our clients.

  • default_titleProjects can be developed from partial contribution up to turn-key projects and asjoint activities, where you always maintain leadership, but gain full knowledge on the whole complex.
  • default_title Expert advice to smaller groups can focus on specific subject areas. Complex training can be scheduled even on a one-a-one basis.
  • default_titleBasic training and intense transfer of know how allows our entering new fields for small groups or for a larger audience. Workshop sessions provide rapid training impact, and ensure implementation of problem solving steps for immediate benefit.
  • default_titleWe are proud to offer think tanks as a highly preferred method, when a start from new grounds is the challenge. Forgetting historical burdens and unresolvable appearing problems from the current state are chances for new ways for a better future.
  • default_titleWe support congresses, competitions and other events as your partner for keynotes and other speeches with subjects agreed upon between you and us.
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