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Nudge.Systems can help you to build and improve your image and brand awareness as multiplyer for a variety of topics. Being ahead of mainstream developments, we are able to transfer your ideas and concepts by nearly all multimedia resources and sources to your valuable audience.

We are able to embed key messages and other information well packaged in a persuasive and nudging way. We understand how to optimize the message content to the specific kind of audience you invite and how to address the audience in multiple ways with regard to content mix, recipients dedicated preferences and preferred channel mixes.

Our presentation can be awfully multimedia based. They usually do include highly attractive embedded videos and the appropriate level of humor.

With regard to possible locations, we are prepared to support any type of meeting and conference rooms whatever size, town halls, city halls, industry locations, studios for TV, recording or radio. We support contributions in German, English as standards. French, Italian, Spanish with some pre-course.

Benefit from our topic and
trend related expertise and
from our scientitic background.

  • Public Health and Healt Care. Nudges improving Decisions about Health.
  • Economy related Topics including Consumer Behavior and related Logic.
  • Money and Finance related Topics such as Stock Markets, Investor related Themes, Markets and specific Industries.
  • Marketing, Neuromarketing, NeuroBusiness, Branding and related Technologies.
  • Nudge and Nudges, Nudging, Nudge Theory and beyond.
  • Multiple topics from cognitive Neurosciences.
  • Neuro / Nudge based Communication for Governments, NGOs, Institutionals, Fundraisng, Crisis Management.
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