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Nudge.Systems is involved in projects, which require deep knowledge in neuromarketing, education management and nudge theories. We are probably the only organization, which integrates these disciplines with the help of cognitive neurosciences together with the understanding of artificial neural networks.

Far beyond the known ‚classical‘ approaches, we always strike to deliver best practices in nudge design and development, however on a on a measurable and quantifiable basis. This challenging objective is supporting our clients demand for highest conversion of measures in changing human behavioral attitudes.

Our competencies are not only communication based, but - if needed - for hardware and software support. We assist you in defining arrays of multichannel brain type specific solutions, being differently felt by people for the same goals.

In case you already cooperate with third parties, we take care of additional support. If you need licenses or want to grant licenses, we are your partner with expertise in these fields.

Should your project open patenting possibilities, you can rely on our domain expertise in intellectual property management. Ask us for our free opinion.

Also we provide you with additional communication instruments, such as proprietary rights on slogans, design or other rights.