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Nudge.Systems offers workshops for a variety of problem solutions. Preferentially such workshops should be held after at least basic training and insider knowledge about the problem space to be included in such events. In case the latter does not exist or is sparely developed, additional support can be provided. We pursue a holistic approach including elements from psychology, cognitive neuroscience and formal models derived from artificial neural networks in order to make the effect from nudges predictable in a statistical sense.

Workshops can be used to simulate problem solutions with regard to behavioral changes. Strategies have to be created and discussed. Different types, approaches and algorithms for options on hand can be tested, compared and finally selected for further investigation and implementation.

Final nudges, nudge elements or similar constructors of communication involve an array of cross sectional technologies and know how, which must be combined in an optimized way. We intend to define nudges as a standalone business sector model, if applicable, in order to place them as a unique achievement for society.

Participate from our extended coaching and teaching capabilities. We integrate known nudges and interpretations, assessed how they work and function. Workshops can be held in English or German. Send us an email for further details.

Select your location for joint events at your organization, at our client or at our own training center at the Baltic Sea of Northern Germany.