List of Nudge - Nudging Projects

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Indicative List of Projects

We do not publish detailed projects in the best interest of the privacy of our clients. Please find below an indicative selection of certain projects in progress.

Health Care.
Project Fighting Obesity
Obesity is a leading cause of death worldwide with increasing rates for adults and children. It is viewed as one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. Topic is in definition phase. Strategy includes preventive clinical and educational measures in combination with real-time collection of data from patients and massive mental support by nudging with videos on smart phones and similar means.

Life Science
Project Business Intelligence - Communication Intelligence for improved communication process.
Fast ramping up of intense communication to a defined market within life sciences in order to proliferate company as highly competent business partner.

Human Relations
Novel Type of Talent Pool
Study of novel type of a semi public talent pool, characterized therein that a matchmaking process between job seekers and organizations can replace lasting first step interviews and other assesment, so that the filling of open positions can be greatly simplified and accelarated.

Human Relations
Novel type of job applications for long term unemployed
Long term unemployed people must re-invent themselves and demonstrate qualification and competences better as before. New tools and methods include novel kinds of job applications per video and website backup, simultaneously to a large number of recipients. Embedded messages are based upon effects derived from cognitive neurosciences and other nudge elements.

Generation of a formal model of the nudging process in order to maximize the success of nudge - nudging actions
This study includes a multimedia database with examples and derived functionality schemas. We expect to be able to collect practices of how to construe the perfect nudge for a defined objective.

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