Advanced Technologies for Nudge and Nudging.

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Blending singular disciplines to cross sectional competences as framework for Nudging.

Nudge.Systems bundles a variety of singular disciplines to a cross sectional communication platform:

  • default_titleBehavioral Psychology and Behavioral Economics as framework for decision making, in place since about 2008.
  • default_titleCognitive Neuroscience focusing on neural substrates of mental processes help to understand the mechanics of decision making and their most likely outcome.
  • default_titleArtificial Neural Networks as formal descriptor for the development of strategies for nudges.
  • default_titleAutomated and semi automated quantitative communication analysis for the assessment of empathic effects on message recipients ensure success of nudge instruments.
  • default_titleDevelopment of ‚mental pathways‘ as basis for improved communication strategies.
  • default_titleExpression of a formal Nudge Model similar to an artificial neural network model. Such model can be multidimensional, multi sensory and time sensitive.
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