BusinessXcel opens website for Nudge Technologies.


BusinessXcel is starting a new forum for the next step towards improved neuromarketing. Under the umbrella name for its new website, the platform combines efforts from behavioral and political science, following current nudge theories. This trend is summarized under the terms “Improved decisions about health, wealth and happiness".

Neuromarketing has strongly evolved since about 2008 and is to a large extent based upon the availability of affordable instruments in neuroscience. As a result, cognitive neuroscience is able to measure and quantify cognitive processes yielding a better understanding of human mentality. This has changed the way how communication can be modified to better understand consumer needs and communication between consumers and businesses. Nudge theories go one step further and try to understand how human decision making can be altered in order to accomplish goals on society level.

Nudge.Systems assumes, that these disciplines are interconnected and can be further enhanced when combined with models from artificial neural networks. Nudge.Systems utilizes analysis tools for large amounts of data, mainly text, and combines findings with input/output correlated network models. The results generate improved forms of specific recipient optimized communication and content targeting behavioral changes of individuals and groups.

Currently the majority of such activities is practised in Latin and North America. For Europe, the emerging trend is initially of higher interest in politics, for activities of social institutions, fundraising, health care and the educational sector.

Nudge.Systems is offering support for projects, project consulting and helps organizations with workshops. Major nudge projects can be handled in the form of think thanks and other high profile activities.

BusinessXcel is based in Bad Doberan, Germany. Please contact the organization by email by